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How to restart the admin interface without ditching the server?

We are running in regular out of memory situation with OF 3.6.3 + IM Gateway 1.2.4. This leads to a hung up admin interface (no web pages at all). The sessions are still working and users can log on to the system.

Any ideas how to resolve a situation like this without stopping the whole server? We have roughly 1800 concurrent users and a restart is always highly visible.


Hi Walter,

how should a restart of the admin console free memory? Maybe it helps to restart the Gateway plugin. But also this requires access to the admin console.

http://example.com:9090/server-restart.jsp?page=ssl-certificates.jsp is the URL Openfire offers to restart the web server after modifying an SSL certificate.

I did write a simple perl script to do restart a plugin some time ago - it may or may not still work:Broadcast form command line

Maybe you want to adust it to your needs and run it every hour.