How to restrict sending file in spark


All i have spark 2.5.8 i want to disable/restrict sending file in spark , pl suggest what to do it is urgent

Thanks in advance


You need to login to the Openfire console and click on Client Management. Once in there disable the File transfer option.

Hi sir

thanks for reply but in my console in server setting i have file transfer setting option under i disable the setting and restart service but still able to send file .i dont have client managment option in console

hi sir

actually i dont have plugin installed , i installed plugin and disbaled the file transfer thanks very much

can we disable file transfer for any paricular users actually client management disable file transfer for all users it is possible ??

I dont believe there is a way to set file transfer settings based on user. Its either on or off.

The document lists all the properties for Openfire, however, i do not see any thing for what you are looking to do - sorry. :frowning: