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How to restrict some selected CHILD Domains in the entire AD forest?

HI OF Team,

We have an OF server hosted on Centos (linux) and is AD authenticated. I am succefully able to allow users from CHILD domains onto my OPENFIRE box which is hosted on Parent Domain (Global Catalog Server) using the below discussion.

Now, my requirement is to stop/block/restrict all users on a specific Child domain. Can i acheive this from OPENFIRE Server end ? rather than blocking 5222 port in their network VLAN.

Thanks & Regards,

Adhiraju Mouli

Hi OF Team,

Can anyone, please let me know, how to restrict a particular child domain among couple domains. Appreciate your support.

Thanks & Regards,

A H V K Mouli.

you might be able to use security groups for each child domain to allow access.

Maybe this will help…

Maybe within the master AccessGroup, you can then you might be able to use the Domain Users group or similar security group for each child domain?