How to run Openfire as a service on Linux?

I have made modifications to the source, compiled using ANT and installed successfully on Linux (CentOS). Please let me know how to run it as a service. I tried using and it added under etc/init.d as well but still Openfire is not running all the time. It seems to stop after a while. Your help is appreciated.



Your first mistake was compiling from source. I recommend you installing the actual RPM of the release candidate and see if it stays up and running. If it does, it is a problem with how you compiled your changes.

Thanks for your reply. I had to compile from source as I had made some changes to suit my application. It is running fine as long as I wish when I run it as a regular program. There is no impact at all to the way it functions. The only issue I face is that I am not able to keep it running as a service. Appreciate any suggestions you might have on that.