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How to see if a thread is read?

Since the migration i don’t see if a thread and the first x posts are read or not. Also i don’t see a “mark all threads as read” button.

Well, i’m logged in and i’ve cookies enabled. This feature worked before the migration well for me.

Also a button for “jump to first post in thread i don’t have read” would be nice to have. (like vBulletin has). I can only jump to the latest post in the thread if i click on the “Last Activity” link.

yeah, this red/grey bubbles were useful, especially for some old threads i have subscriptions for and i dont remember what i have already read.


the beta version did use the “bold” for new content and the “normal” font style for read content. If content got updated it did display “Updated” behind the thread title. But I don’t see this anymore.



It does not make a lot of fun to read a forum where you don’t know which thread or which post in a special thread you’ve already read.

In the past i followed the development of this community but currently its not so easy.

Sorry, this should have a higher priority then adding more custom information fields to the profile, etc.

Couldn’t agree more, lets get this in pleease


it makes now a big difference if you visit ?view=discussions or ?view=all (content).

So [http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/community/support/openfire_(formerly_wil dfire)support?view=discussions | http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/community/support/openfire(formerly_wil dfire)_support?view=discussions] displays the new threads bold and a blue “(Updated)”.

If one could fix this even for the “all” view this would be very nice.


We found this bug a week or 2 ago in the product. We’ll have it fixed in an upcoming release. In the meantime, use IT2000’s advice to navigate to the view where this does work.

Is this bug fix covering only threads titles in community list, or will there be some indicators for read messages in thread itself? Some threads are dozens messages long, i dont want to search and remember what i’ve already read.