How to see Old spark conference chat history

Dear Team,

I am not able to find find out that how to see old spark conference chat history. Please help me, any comment will be appreciated.

Some Info in the below:

Spark: 2.7.7

Build: 810

Smack Version: 3.3.1

JRE Version: 1.8.0_92
OS: CentOS 6.7


Tarak Nath

This depends on what setting server has for history. Group chat history is not saved locally. Server sends it when a client joins a room. If your server doesn’t save history, when you can’t access it.

Thank you very much for prompt reply.

It will be great help if you suggest me how can I check my server setting for group chat history ?

If you are using Openfire as your server, then in Admin Console go to Group Chat > Group Chat Settings > press on your group chat service name (default: conference) > History Settings. You should also check Room Administration menu, click on room’s name and check if Log Room Conversations setting is checked.

Thank you very much ! root