How to send a Message via HTTP

Hello, i want to develop a new Feature for my Community, but i dont know how to do it.

It´s kind a simple to explain. If one member of my Community writes a Message (over my own Community Message System, its not Jabber, just a simple php script) to another, the reveiver of the Mail should be notificated over Jabber/Wildfire that a New Message has arrived. The same with new Friendships, Guestbook entrys etc.

I know that this must be possible, because i can Send a Message to all Users via the Wildfire Administration Page. Would be fine if the same works to send a message to specific users. i hope u can help me. THX

The easiest solution would probably be to write a small bot using Smack, iksemel, Loudmouth or any other XMPP library, which connects to the server on demand and sends those messages, then disconnects. That would only involve a few lines of code.