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How to send message to Openfire user not using Spark?


I have question; is there any way to send message to Openfire user without Spark or any other client? I mean some way to place it in some table of Openfire database or some API…

We have need to send some messages automatically to Openfire users or group of users [some broadcast] and for that purpose Spark cannot be used.

If someone could give some idea…

Thanks a lot.



you may want to write a plugin similar to the broadcast plugin which is using the Openfire API. The Openfire source code contains also the source of the plugin so it should be quite easy to get started.


Thanks for answer however I believe there’s much more easy way to send such message.


LG did offer a pretty simply straight-forward solution. The other option would be to write your own custom client side application using a library like Smack to connect to Openfire and send messages to the appropriate user and/or group.