How-to: Server's Contact List (Groups) Overrides Spark Local Contacts?

Some of the users are custom-naming folks on the contact list. In other words, instead of a nice “First Last” format, it may be or something.

The way I have it is so that any new person is added into the group, which is great as it auto-updates everyone’s contact lists. All these users this way are added in the nice “First Last” format as well.

However, how can I have that same contact list on the server (in the group summaries) be the ONLY contact list Spark uses? I just don’t like the format of that it sometimes defaults to (prior to using this group thing).

Tried deleting out the Documents and Settings/User/Spark folder. While it forgot my logon credentials, it still remembered all the name formatting.


Any ideas?

Even if I knew what directory to delete so it forgets the custom settings, I can place that command in the users’ logon scripts.

I do not believe the roster changes are stored locally. I can login on any machine and my roster settings follow me. To fix this you would need to clear the data for the user from the server.

Wow- you are right. I guess this makes the fix easier being it’s all central.

So, how (on the server) do I need to clear these customizations out?



Purely a guess but you could try making a copy of your openfire.script located in the embedded-db folder and see if you can find the info you wish to remove there. Probably not the correct way to tweak the database either but I’m foolish enough to have a backup copy before doing it just in case.

If the info is there you should just need to restart the openfire service to reload the database after you make the changes.

You might look directly in the database as well. I know I have seen the roster groups, etc. in there as well…


Would you just remove them (and it rebuilds at next logon??)

Those should be the entries, just stop openfire then edit file then restart openfire. Again this is purely speculation and make sure you have a backup copy of the script in case it breaks something.

That’s exactly what it was. Just deleted those lines out, and then it formatted everyone’s names as specified in the “Name” field when adding them (In my case, first and last).