How to set correct XMPP domain?


I have installed openfire with fastpath and webchat. However, my addresses showing as

How to set them correctly to

We made this mistake once.

Server renaming is not a fun topic…usually best to reinstall.

But let’s confirm the server name first, what does the Server Name property show? (can be found on the Server page of the Openfire Admin Console)

Also what does the Host Name property show?

Server name shows hostname, e.g.

Bummer, looks like your XMPP domain is setup as and not

You’ll either have to rerun the server setup or reinstall:

Once again, I really recommend a reinstall rather than a rename.

To rename you’ll have to re-run the setup tool:

  1. First go to the Admin Console > Server > Server Properties
  2. Find the Property Name: admin.authorizedJIDs
  3. You’ll see a list of users of the form Edit the value so it has the same admin users as before but also ensure that the user is also present or you won’t be able to logon to your server after renaming it.
  4. Stop Openfire.
  5. Edit conf/openfire.xml in your Openfire installation folder and set true to false.
  6. Start the server and navigate to http://server:9090 to rerun the setup. Ensure the new Server Name matches the domain name eg.
  7. Make sure Server Name is and NOT
  8. Once the server is running go to the Admin Console > Server > Server Settings > Server Certificates
  9. Delete any certificates belonging to the old domain.
  10. If no certificates now exist regenerate them.

If you added your admin to the admin list successfully you should be able to logon. If not you can reset it manually in the database. An example for MySQL:

mysql -h localhost -u root -p PASSWORD gtms
REPLACE ofProperty VALUES(‘admin.authorizedJIDs’,‘’);

best of luck,


ok I have it reinstalled completely. But now I don’t receive anything from another jabber servers nor able to send. I tried to add my gtalk account to roster and nothing happens. It was working when I had xmpp domain as

it seems I am unable to make it working so I reinstalled openfire on and got it working with gtalk again.

I have added SRV records but it didn’t help - when I use as server name, it does not work. Is there any workaround for that?

Sounds like your DNS records aren’t correct.

Here’s what my Openfire server looks like:

I have two Openfire servers configured (failover), here are the A records:

Here are the SRV records:

To query the records from your desktop and ensure they’re correct:

Run from a command prompt or Terminal:


set q=SRV


Address: service = 5 0 5222 service = 20 0 5222


Address: service = 5 0 5269 service = 20 0 5269


Address: service = 5 0 5269 service = 20 0 5269

I think that’s all the info you need!

It seems there is some trouble with recent openfire release - I reported it in separate thread on

I have 3.6.4. working correctly on mydomain.tld with my SRV records now - they point to server.mydomain.tld.

I noticed similar reports about 3.7.0 in community.