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How to set group chat history settings to show entire chat history as default for new group chat service?

Hi folks,

I am working with openfire 4.3 version. I worked on multi-tenant web application where each tenant have their own group chat service.

Default settings for group chat history is 30, but i want show entire chat history for every new chat room service. Is there any way to apply show entire chat history on every new tenant(group chat service) instead of manual selection from openfire admin panel ?

Please help me on this.

Thanks in advance.

REST API I suppose

There is no as such rest api to update chat history settings.

@Dele_Olajide :- any other workaround ?

Aaah, you are creating chat service for each tenant :wink: Raise an issue on the REST plugin. Redeyes might just implement it for you quickly if he is free

Issue raised.

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