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How to set message priority?

In our system, potentially a large amount of messages may get queued up on the server side to send to a user, but some of my users have a “higher priority”, and I want their messages to be sent out ahead of the others.

Is there something in SMACK or the JIVE Server settings that allows me to set priorities to certain user’'s messages?

If not, what workarounds would you suggest?

In JMS, there is the notion of “priority” you can set to a message.

Thanks for any assistance.


you are talking of offline messages, aren’'t you?

Wildfire stores “username, messageID, creationDate, messageSize, message” so there’'s no field available for priority.

As this makes sense for JMS and automated system I don’'t see why one would like such a feature for instant messages.

You’‘d probably also need to mark the messages with an icon so one can see that the messages are high priority. Maybe you can extend your client with a feature to display inlined images or something like this using Smack’'s XHTML Support.

Using JMS could be much more easy.


Thanks… this answers it and gives me more clue that the architecture may need to be rethought.

To follow-up on LG’‘s post. There’‘s currently no concept of message priority in Wildfire and Smack. I don’‘t know of any message priority specs. There are some features of Advanced Message Processing that might be interesting, but we don’'t support that spec in Wildfire or Smack yet: