How to set the host and port of my SMTP server to use TLS encryption?

I would like to configure the mail server settings on my openfire.
For SMTP on our local network we use the following configuration:
Host: mailserver.mydomaine.lan
SMTP Port: 25
Encryption: TLS
The addresses are like username@mydomain.lan
How to configure the openfire server to use this configuration knowing that the server requires authentication?

I tried several times to set up, but I’m still not able to send the email tests.
I need your help please!
The address of my server is openfire tchat.mydomaine.lan.
Note that mailserver.mydomaine.lan and tchat.mydomaine.lan are aliases for the same computer.

Other informations

  • TICK, Server requires authentication
  • Encryption Mathod: start TLS after connecting
  • Auth Type: **Login !