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How to set up a server

I am very new to this, and am having trouble setting upa server. i am tryign to make a server for the people here at my college to connect to, i couldnt find any type of walkthrough to setting up a server on the boards here, so if there already is a link would be great, and if there isnt if someone could be so kind as to type one up… im sure the mods would sticky it for future reference if it was any good.

the main problem im having is with the server name… everything i type doesnt work. for instance i try to create an account through trillian when i made the server name “Kenyon.edu” so i try to make "natpond@kenyon.edu" but it fails, so i change it to just "kenyon, and try to make “natpond@kenyon” but that fails… how can i make it so people can connect to it using thier clients? also can people make their accounts through their clients, or do i have to add them through the admin page?

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Docs are inside of Jive Messenger package and here is an online version:


What i the OS you are using? What’‘s the name of machine you are installing JM at? What’'s th IP of it?

You can try creating an account with username@IP or username@servername. Servername should be resolvable by client machine.

Yes. Users can create acounts by themselves. You should enable (i think it is enabled by default) Inbaund Registration in Admin Console, somewhere at Server tab.

see, it works if i make it @my IP, but people on campus aren’'t really going to remember my ip,a nd plus my ip changes probably every week or so. could the fact that its not letting me log in using “@kenyon” be because of the firewall and all that here?


see, it works if i make it @my IP, but people on

campus aren’'t really going to remember my ip,a nd

plus my ip changes probably every week or so. could

the fact that its not letting me log in using

@kenyon” be because of the firewall and all that



The @server, server must be resolvable (is that the word? :P) for all the clients.

Look in the Admin Conlose -> Server Manager -> Server Settings -> Domain Name

What is the domain name?

This should be the user@domain.



the domain is the same thing i set the server name to.

well, i never understood whole the thing about that, but this property is just for naming. When you get messages from users you’‘ll see username@name_entered_in_server_properties, but this will not change your machine’‘s name or DNS etc. You can only match names with this property. Well, i just figured that out and i’‘m not sure if i’'m right Have to test it, but only later, at home.

P.S. i didnt get a notification about updates in this thread, though i’'m watching it.

I have this feeling that wroot is right about DNS entry.

If you are on campus and your machine isn’‘t assigned a DNS entry you can’'t just go call it fred or joe or tom or whatever… how do other machines KNOW that name? You can have them alter their “hosts” file but that would involve them each doing it manually every time you changed your IP and that would not be nice.

The best way to test this is to have one of your friends try to ping your DNS entry name. To do that they need to Start->Run->cmd and hit enter and then type in ping . If it comes back with fails… well, you don’'t have a name.

So to start… have them ping kenyon@yourschool.edu (or whatever name you think you have).

If you do NOT have a DNS entry name (which I highly suspect since you say your IP number keeps changing), then you’'ll need to use the IP number… unless you can make friends with a sysadmin and have them assign you a perm IP

I’'d like to add a post comment here…

There are a couple options if your IP changes…

If your campus allows it there is a place (www.dyndns.com) and probably others that allow you to get a DNS name. They also allow you to change the IP number assigned to that entry yourself. I don’‘t know costs or headaches since I don’‘t use those services but it’'s one way and there might even be some out there that are free.

Another way which would involve more work would be to set up some web page with a script or create some ministub application which altered their client’'s server IP. They click on the web page script (or run the application) and it goes out and alters their client configuration to update the IP to your new IP. You could manually go change the web page (or wherever you store your IP for them to see) once a week and have them autoschedule something on their PCs to go get your new IP sometime after your changes. Of course this one is gonna require some work… I personally have no clue how to do this one but someone else might The application could also alter their hosts file to include a “fake” entry/name for you and your IP and to change that… that might be easiest.


So i have tested at home and as i thought this name is just for internal naming of server. My user is registered at wroot@wroot. When i change server name to test, my user is displayed as wroot@test but real JID is left unchanged, and i have to login using wroot@wroot JID. BUT[/b] messages are sending using @test ending.