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How to set up abc.com ad users and xyz.com ad users in open fire through Spark


can any one help me on the following

i have 2 windows server with 2 different domain. 1. Windows Server 2008 R2 DC is abc.com and 2nd one windows Server 2012 DC is xyz.com

i have successfully installed open fire server 4.1.5 and AD users are able to login through Spark 2.8.3 spark client.

can any one guide me how abc.com domain users can chat with xyz.com domain?

step by step instruction will help me to do it…



Install an openfire instance for each domain…and then setup the SRV record in DNS for each server. this will allow the servers to find each other… Once that is done, you can use s2s


thank you very much for your quick response.

Can you please be more specific about SRV records of each domain and once it is added, if at all i am login to spark for domain abc.com and want to chat with another user of domain xyz.com.

if you have step by step information kindly share.




The other workaround for this to work is to setup a Virtual LAN (VLAN). Although this configuration requires a lot of time.

Here is the Link from Cisco on how to configure VLAN:

Configure InterVLAN Routing on Layer 3 Switches - Cisco

If you have other brand of network switch with LAYER 3, the cisco will give you an idea on how to setup VLAN. You’ll get the idea.


thanks for your response.

if my both the servers are in same subnet, shall i go for VPN?



If on same subnet, but different IP class, yes I believe it still requires VLAN to connect to each other.

Please correct me if there is something wrong, guys… thank you