How to set up Openfire Cluster to different machine & OS

Hello guys,

Anyone can help me with my title problem ?

so currently i’m using 2 OF Server with different OS on each machine (Ubuntu & CentOS), and also each server has it’s own database (using MySQL).

I try to do some clustering with hazelcat plugin for both server, and do replication database for both database

Server A <------------------> Server B


| |

| |

| |

| |

Database A <----------------> Database B


With that setup, clustering openfire is success and replication database also success.

but, I got a problem which is, when I logout from spark or jitsi, I can’t login anymore.

Anyone can help me with this kind of setup ?

Thank’s in advanced


I’m wondering why are you using two separate databases.

In hazelcast plugin’s readme, you can read:

“Note that all servers in a given cluster must be configured to share a single external database”

Else the user sessions etc won’t be shared across different nodes of the cluster and repartitioned after one of the nodes goes off.

So I suppose you have to set your Openfire nodes to one database. And if you wanna replication, then you set periodical replication to the other database.