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How to setup iptables for videobridge?

I install openfire with videobridge plugins in a net with firewall.

No video no audio ,only chat can send and rece

How to setup iptables in videobridge that make sure webapp can work? except 5222 5223 7070 7443.

What other ports been used in videobridge?

Go to openfire settings to change the UDP ports. It uses by default 50000 to 60000

I setup iptables for udp port 50000-60000.but webapp still can not work.

In console.log ,I find port 5324 5325 64691 64692 been used.

where I can edit these ports? how to setup iptables for them?

my console.log

This appears to be Chrome main.js:121

status 1 app.js:111

status 3 app.js:111

connected app.js:103

getConstraints [“audio”, “video”] 720 undefined undefined main.js:181


Object {audio: Object, video: Object}


rayo colibri register set ok main.js:66

onUserMediaSuccess main.js:166

mediaready.rayo main.js:22

doJoin helloworld main.js:308

onJoinComplete helloworld@conference.ucp.ucas.ac.cn/32ca5ee1 Object {show: “”, status: “”, affiliation: “owner”, role: “moderator”} app.js:6

  1. 09:5C:11:C7:1A:40:39:ED:EF:3E:9F:53:45:8F:DE:51:F1:33:E5:C2

MediaStreamEvent {stream: MediaStream, clipboardData: undefined, cancelBubble: false, returnValue: true, srcElement: RTCPeerConnection…}

false main.js:549

rayoCallback main.js:334handleOffer main.js:446handleOffer track audio main.js:471handleOffer track video main.js:471event.returnValue is deprecated. Please use the standard event.preventDefault() instead. VM37:988onstream sendAnswer main.js:568rayo colibri answer set ok stable main.js:656entered helloworld@conference.ucp.ucas.ac.cn/f706dca0 Object {show: “”, status: “”, affiliation: “none”, role: “participant”} app.js:10rayoCallback main.js:334removeSSRC input ssrc main.js:360
removeSSRC unmodified SDP helloworld main.js:365

modify ok main.js:391

That could be the ports used by chrome webrtc after the ICE negotiation with jitsi videobridge

I am not sure you can change the ports the chrome browser uses. I suggest you google on what ports Chrome uses for webrtc and how to change them.