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How to setup Openfire to work over internet

Hi all,

I’m using Spark & openfire for our internal LAN communication. Is there any way, well I mean the easiest way to setup Openfire over Internet connection and enabling spark communication even if we’re outside the office.

I’m not an IT Expert on this, really appreciated if you guys have any tutorial about this.

Many thanks


is your xmpp.domain (“Server Name:” in the admin console) a DNS name which one can resolve in the Internet (e.g. like igniterealtime.org) or do you use an internal name like “foo.local”?

If you are using an internal name then please don’t try to change the xmpp.domain as this leads to various problems. It’s possible but one must inform the users and modify manually all users, there are some posts about this in the forum.

With a name which is resolvable in the Internet you don’t have problem, anyhow you may need to setup DNS SRV records for the domain. If you don’t have one you should setup an internal DNS server for this domain to make sure that internal clients connect to the internal address (10.x/192.168.x) while external clients should connect to a public IP address. It may be wise to install a connection manager in the DMZ and connect it to Openfire. This should result in two scenarios:

Client(Intranet)__Openfire(LAN/internal DMZ)

Client(Internet)__Firewall__Connection-Manager(DMZ)__Firewall__Openfire(LAN/inte rnal DMZ)

If you get problems with Internet clients you can simply shut down the connection manager.



wow, it’s kinda heavy questions for me… but let me try to answer your question

  • we’re using internal name and we use broadband internet connection.

I am triying to follow your step:

  • install / set up DNS Server

  • Install a connection Manager in the DMZ

What would be your setting up suggestion? Since I’m willing to start over setting up the server and everything again form the beginning, like should I use a DNS name, etc…



if you don’t have already an internal DNS server then ou may want to go for the easy solution: Openfire in the DMZ, and NAT/port-forwarding from the external IP:5222 to your internal Openfire IP:5222.

You may use “example.com” as your xmpp.domain as long as you don’t want to use HTTP binding or other features.


hi ,

i get something problem in my server ,

, after i read post above , i still not understand about , how to configure openfire can access from internet then

can register user from internet ,

so , help me to get tutorial about that , please ,


Need your help.

Is configuration below works?

XMPP Server Name : SERVER1

IP Address :

External IP add provided by DSL : 112.x.x.x

I just configure port forwarding on my router, any access to 112.x.x.x:5222 will be forwarded to

Internet user (Other location)

On client side, how will Spark be configured to access SERVER1?

Thanks a lot.