How to setup sparkweb

hi i am totally newbee to sparkweb, i am trying to integrate sparkweb into my website but dont know how, is there any installation guide or documentation that i can read through( including openfire please)?

i am not quite an programe person, and all i know about server: linux(Apache2.2), and php, please explain as detailed as possible. really appreicated.

ths in advance


Have a look at SparkWeb links at the bottom of my site at and view sources of pages. You will see section like:

which basically is the place where you apply your configuration.

Following may come handy as well:

hi oiram, thanks a lot for your reply, thats very helpful. just one more question, do i need to install openfire in order to use sparkweb on my website? currently, its linux(Apache2.2).

thanks indeed


SparkWeb is just a client, it needs a server to connect (not a standalone chat program). So you need a server and in theory it should work with any jabber server, not just Openfire. You don’t have to install a server if you want to use it as a client to connect to some other jabber server. You can use Apache for SparkWeb.

thks alot, i would like to set it up on my own server, what exactly i need to do then. sorry for keep asking questions, i am not familiar with jabber server at all and i will really be excited by using sparkweb.


I assume that by own server you mean your own Openfire server. If that is the case you need to follow installation instructions which you will find in downloaded package for Openfire. It is not that complicated, honestly, and complete configuration.

As oiram said you should follow Openfire installation documentation. Then you can use the link above for SparkWeb configuration. You can put it either in Openfire’s own web server’s folder or in your Apache httpdocs. I think Apache is more secure for such thing making your Openfire more isolated.

I would advise the same as wroot to isolate Sparkweb from native Openfire’s web and put it on a separate web server, can be even on the same platform. Of course Apache would be my personal preference too.

thanks alot, oriam and wroot indeed