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How to setup Tsung to test openfire

I have been trying to use Tsung to test our openfire server . I have tried tsung many times, but issue is, it doesn’t show active sessions.

  1. there is spike in Packets / Minute

  2. there is spike in server traffic

but I can’t see any user, and No Insert querries

my aim is to test 10,000 Live users

i am attaching my tsung xml , if you can guide me, i would really appreciate this

(i have hide the IP and actual domain name)

<?xml version="1.0"?>
    <option type="ts_jabber" name="muc_service" value="abc1@conference.ignite.xyz.com"/>

    <option name="bosh_path" value="http://IP:7070/http-bind/"/>

After some research I found some example, I think that will help to all

Register user is openfire

Authenticate and send presence into openfire

MUC testing