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How To setup Video call P2P

Hi ,

I have installed openfire server and cnfigured openfire server so that android,iphone can build chat application using openfire server.

Now i want to implement audio and video call such as many chat application does. I have installed openfire meeting plugin and also configured config file and i am able to set conferance call between openfire users.but only one point i am stuck is it is asking username and password each and every time when i am calling and also asking username password on other side which i want to do is i want to pass username and password in url so that it won’t ask from use and user need not to enter it manually.

currently what i did is i am creating unique room name and sending this link to other user and forfully opened this link from other side so it will connected both the user :


but when i try to open this link automatically it will ask username and password from promp box which i want to take automatically from url is this possible??

Please suggest me the best way to set up a video call…


Check your room empty the “Password Required to Enter”