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How to start a 2 way video chat?

Hi, i’m testing now the red5 plugin and its very nice… but how can i start a 2 way video chat with a person from spark???

i have only this 3 menu items in spark:

  • Add/Remove Video Roster <<< Shows only people where the cam has on, or recording is ongoing…

  • Send Video Message <<< There i can record my self…!?

  • View Desktop Screen <<< I can send a screen region from my desktop with a lausy resolution and framrate…

How to start a 2 way video chat?

Thanks for a advice


In order to see that “Call” button under the three you mentioned, you have to change the parameter in you Openfire admin page > Server > Red5

under “Phone Component Enabled” area, you have to Enable Red5 Plugin to appear as a phone component to Spark.

Thank you mseimys, its so eady if we know where to look for it