How to start/stop openfire service (4.0.3)


After upgrading to openfire 4.0.3 using tar.gz format.

I can see that /opt/openfire/bin/openfire is no longer exist, how I can start and stop openfire service?

OS is Ubuntu 14.0.4


Update instructions:
–> /opt/openfire/bin/openfire no longer exists. It was a start/stop script generated by install4j. Since we are no longer using install4j, it needed to go. Instead, we now have a more standard linux init script, /etc/init.d/openfire

Openfire: Upgrade Guide

@Daryl Herzmann it looks like for 4.0.3 artifact from Nightly binary files plan has been uploaded. It seems to not be build by install4j, so it doesn’t have the usual openfire binary. This binary is available in the Nightly Windows build plan (tar.gz) (same structure as with 4.0.2 release).

Upgrade guide last time updated 9 years ago. This is not related. Openfire binary was always available in previous releases.

Yup, got them from the wrong place. Sigh. Refreshing the files, one sec.

Ok, should be OK now?

Looks fine now.

Confirmed, Thank you