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How to start using WildFire

Hi All,

I am a newbie to this area. I just wanted to make a chat engine available within our company premises to a few users. I downloaded wildfire as the chat server and spark as the client. I installed both of them in my machine and was able to login using the spark in my machine. However when I tried to install the client in my colleagues machine, it wasnt able to login to the server running in my machine. What could have gone wrong? please help. Could it have anything to do with domain names?



My guess is that you have a firewall on your computer that’'s blocking connections from remote machines. Make sure that you at least open up port 5222.



What Matt said, plus you will need to login as username@IP address, unless you setup the DNS records via the install docs. Also make sure you did not restrict who can log into the server which is a setting back in the admin console

Thanks for all your input. But could you please tell me how can we allow remote access only to port 5222 in windows? i am using xp .

Again thanks in advance for any help


Sorry for asking without trying. Thanks a lot matt. The port being blocked by the firewall was the problem. Fixed it by outting the port in the exceptions list.