How To Stop Join On Startup/Remove A Bookmark

Yesterday from within Spark (2.0.8) I created my first persistent Conference Room named ‘‘IT Support’’ and played with it. I also created a bookmark for it and told Spark to join on startup.

After playing a little I created another persistent Conference Room named ‘‘ITSupport’’ (note the lack of space) and did the same thing - bookmark, join on startup - then I destroyed ‘‘IT Support’’ on the Wildfire server (3.1.1).

I removed my bookmark for ‘‘IT Support’’ within Spark but when I restarted it auto-joined both conference rooms.

I again told ‘‘IT Support’’ to stop joining on startup then removed the bookmark again. When I restarted Spark it again re-joined both conferences.

When I look on the Wildfire Server the room ‘‘ITSupport’’ is the only room listed until I log in to Spark, then ‘‘IT Support’’ appears as non-persistent.

In the conference room window in Spark it says “This room is locked from entry until configuration is confirmed.”

I have looked high and low in the Wildfire config and tried removing my Spark profile folder but it all seems to be coming from the server because even with a clean profile it auto-joins both rooms.

Any ideas?



This was a know issue that was fixed the Spark 2.5 Beta 2. If you like, give it a shot