How to store messages into server database


I am user WildFire in Linux. I would like to store the all users messages into database. Is it possible? Does it have this function? Is it possible to programm a plug in and how to? Any sample provide?


there is the audit log which logs to a file, I prefer this way than a database which is growing every day up to 200 GB … then I need a new disc ):

There is also the url= I-Ball Chat Auditor[/url] for Wildfire.

A generic Perl implementation of [url= Message Archiving[/url] which supports only MySQL is also available.

I-Ball Chat Auditor may be the plugin you want to use, but it had (or still has) some problems.


I’'ve already finished a plugin which need a new table in database.

It is really hard to create a new table if it is not exist, because we cannot make sure which database it is using.

So I writed a code and remove it after table created.

You can create a plugin follows the introdction of plugin develope document and the source code of wildfire.