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How to test Openfire 4.2.1 Cluster


Openfire Version : 4.2.1

Java jdk

Cluster Nodes : 6

Hello Guys,

I’m pretty new to openfire, i’m looking for some kind of test for openfire cluster, if you can provide me the links that would be really helpful.



You need to have an understanding and model of how your clients will interact with the server. Since typically large scale Openfire installs have a custom client at play, the developers have a handle on that client software stack and can replicate the demand they impose on the server based on expected usage.

There are generic load testers, like Tsung.

You mentioned in the chat having 6 instances already setup in a cluster, what made you arrive at that number?


We are going to implement openfire, can you please provide some suggestion on load balancing and connection manager.