How to test the BOSH/HTTP-Binding?


I have an openfire server and activated the HTTP Binding.

Additionally I have setup an apache reverse proxy, which redirect from http-bind to localhost:7070/http-bind.

Calling the URL directly returns a 400 Bad Request error, I think it is okay.

But how can I test, if it really works?

I tried SparkWeb, but it doesn’t make anything after entering the login credentials and clicking on login.

Thanks for any advices.

Can you tell me How to activate HTTP binding in Openfire?



Open the management interface:

Server -> Server settings -> HTTP Binding

Activate both options and copy the content from the textarea at the bottom of the page into a file called crossdomain.xml and place it into the root of your webserver, whichs offers the HTTP Binding.

Please note, that the binding is only for localhost, for external access you need to configure a reverse proxy.

Perhaps there is an option for that, but I don’t know it.


have you checked the transmitted data between SparkWeb and Openfire?

You can use Firebug in Firefox or similar addons.

It seems, that the domain isn’t correct. I can’t understand.

The webserver, where SparkWeb and the HTTP Binding is running has following DNS name, but it try to connect to prjtsrv and that DNS isn’t resolvable in the network.

Thank you very much CSchulz!!!