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How to Upgrade Database (mysql) to latest version

Hi there,

I’ve been using openfire 3.7 for weeks now and just wanted to apply the update to 3.8.1.

I can’t seem to find any hints within the documantation how to update the mysql database to the latest version, as I don’t have an embedded db.

I replaced the files but after the restart the server still tells me the wrong version of 3.7.

Thanks for any help!



**Update: **I deleted the server-updates.xml from conf/ folder and it seems to be working now.

Where exactly do you see the version number?

The server update should not be connected to the database at all when it comes to the version numbering. I believe the OF server gets the version number from the installation files. What version do you see when you start up the “openfire.exe” ? Or are you using it under linux?

Yeah, I’m using it under linux.

The Version number can be seen here: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s108/sh/0d783a9e-0fe0-44ff-817c-f9868223ca0c/3a07 8af68826df6028851a0f7dea957ahttps://www.evernote.com/shard/s108/sh/0d783a9e-0fe0-44ff-817c-f9868223ca0c/3a07 8af68826df6028851a0f7dea957ahttps://www.evernote.com/shard/s108/sh/0d783a9e-0fe0-44ff-817c-f9868223ca0c/3a07 8af68826df6028851a0f7dea957a+

Perhaps the binarys didn’t get updated as they should have been?

Maybe if you manually replace the binarys, as the automatic updater might not work for some reason.

I don’t have much experience with OF under linux, but i’m pretty sure the problem is not in the database.

Thanks for you efforts!

And sorry, I posted an Update in my first post:

** **I deleted the server-updates.xml from conf/ folder and it seems to be working now.