How to Use 2 Servers to run Wildfire?

Now I have 2 servers with wildfire, and I’'d like to run them as one. That is to say I want run wildfire in one one time and the other one is a backup which can switch automatically when the first one is down.

Dose Wildfire support this? And how to do?

Thank you very much!


Wildfire is not designed for HA, cluster features will be added to the Enterprise Version some day.

There’'s Wildfire and there is the database, probably also LDAP and an external database for user authentication - you may want to make sure that everything is designed for HA.

I really wonder how often your Wildfire server does crash that you start to think about HA.

What’'s the impact for your business if the server is not available for one day?


Wildfire might not support clustering. But between a good backend database and some virtualization software, you should be able to make a standby server that would give you no more than a couple minutes of downtime should your primary fail.

Obviously if it’‘s that important, you’‘ve already got redundant data centers and network gear, so this shouldn’'t be that much of a stretch.

Hi LG,

IM will take place of mail system in the future, so it must be stable.

So far, Wildfire is never down during this several months. But I think it’'s still necessary to take a backup.

By the way, what is HA?

Thank you.


HA = High Availability (i.e. clustering or other form of automatic redundancy)


Hi Jason,

I see.

Thank you.