How to use jitsi for video calls


I’ve installed OpenFire 3.9.3, its connected an Active Directory domain and i can use the IM function correctly.

I’d like to be able to make video calls/conferences so i’ve installed Jitsi VideoBridge Plugin 1.3.1

In the OpenFire server i now have the sub tab for Jitsi Videobridge.

I’ve got the plugin installed in the Skype Client plugin directory (Windows 7 laptop)

What i’m missing are the instructions on how to start a video call.

Is there any further config i need to do before i can start using it for video calls ?

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You stop for a coffee and then start looking at the problem again.

I’ve take a little step forward. I’ve found the jitsi videobridge button near the bottom of a normal IM conversation.

I’ve clicked on that and it flashes up a grey screen and then takes me to the page that says it only works in Chrome.

I’m using Version 36.0.1985.125 m of Chrome

Any suggestions ? Feel free to tell me its user error or i’ve missed some configuration