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How to use jitsi videobridge and jitmeet

Hi all, i cannot understand how to connect by chrome like here ( https://meet.jit.si/ ).

I’ve deplyed openfire 3.8.2. I’ve downloaded jitsi videobridge and started like said here ( https://jitsi.org/Projects/JitsiVideobridge ).

I can see videobridge connected on openfire under Session–>Component Sessions.

So now?

I tried to connect with chrome to https://ip_openfire:7443 but a received a 404 ( not found ).

Is there someone that can point me in a right direction???

Besta reagards

Steve,try the latest openfire 3.9.0 nightly build and jitsivideobridge.

and try to connect with chrome with url https://your_server:7443/jitmeet/ with ssl or http://your_server:7070/jitmeet/

without ssl .

I recommend ofmeet instead of jitmeet.

Hi Vineet,

thnak yuo for your great hint! but I have a lot of trouble trying to install OF 3.9.0 from either source code or pre-build packet.

I cannot find a way to install it!

Can you give some suggestions?

If try with source code, after compiled them by ant, folder LIB is absent so i cannot start it…

Any idea?


You upgrade you existing openfire server 3.8.2 by replacing the lib and plugins/admin folder from the target folder after building openfire and all plugins

On my windows PC, this is


Just restart openfire and you should be running 3.9.0 alpha

If you want to use jitmeet, you need to download it from Jitsi github

Hi Dele, thank you for your hint! Now i am able to run OF 3.9.0!!!

I downloaded jitsi-videobridge plugin form here https://download.jitsi.org/jitsi-videobridge/openfire/ and uploaded as Plugin into OF 3.9.0.

Now, if i do https://of_ip:7443/ofmeet/ i received 404 NOT FOUND.

What Am i wrong?

I read “ofmeet” is a part of jitsi videobridge plugin.

You also said me if I want to use jitmeet, i have to download it at https://github.com/jitsi/jitmeet.

I checked it and is a folder with a lot of file. Is not a plugin. Sorry for confusion but is not so easy starting with it :slight_smile:

Have I to copy jitmeet folder into OF server? but, have i to istall a ngix web server also?

Thank you very much to be patient :slight_smile:


There will be a blog on all this some time soon. In the meantime, Openfire 3.9.1 now has the Jitsi Videobridge plugin which includes ofmeet.

Please try that