How to use loadbalancer with hazelcast + openfire server

i have installed 2 openfire nodes with hazelcast plugin. Both nodes are members of cluster.

  • how can i setup xmpp session replication, cause if i shutdown one node, the users need to relogin.

means If I login through one node and unfortunatley if it’s fails. session should redirect to the other node(which is active).

I don’t know much about how to use load balancer. Can u tell anybody solution for the problem.


You can’t failover a session without the user having to login again - You can’t rebuild the backend of the TCP connection on the fly. The general process is that one node fails, the load balancer health checks mark it down, then when the clients automatically reconnect they route to the available node.

Your question is really geared towards whatever load balancer product/technology you are using, rather than the Openfire application.

Hi David,

Can u tell me how to use load balancer with openfire. and which is good one.


I would ask whoever supports your network. Choice of load balancer is typically driven by who is supporting it, and the cost.