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How To Use Openfire Externally


I tried to find an entry that explained this, but could not find one in “plain English”.

What I am hopeful for is to learn of how to setup our installation of Openfire so that it can be used externally to our network. Currently we have it running on a Windows 7 machine and it runs for Spark. It is an excellent IM for internal communciations, but our needs now put us into needing access to it externally.

The second question is what client can I use for Android and perhaps iOS?

Thank you for any help you can provide.


If “plain English” means easy step by step instructions for not advanced users, then i don’t think anyone here will do that. Simply saying, you have to open 5222 port on your firewall/router facing the internet, add DNS entries for Openfire server into your external DNS (so external users could login using server name, not your external IP address) and of course server name should be tied to real domain address like “chat.companyname.com”, not just “myserver”. This means in Openfire system properties xmpp.domain value should be like that.

I haven’t tried many Android clients, because i really liked the first one i found - Xabber.

My thanks to you wroot. I was not sure how “friendly” the community was in terms of newbies. I do very much appreciate the time you took to answer the question. I will proceed accordingly.

Have a wonderful day!