How to use presence plugin in production

when i am using presence plug in in local system it is sending images but in production it is coming in the server box only. because i think we are using

[http://mweb-gbd3duc044:9090/plugins/presence/status?jid=admin@mweb-gbd3duc044](http://mweb-gbd3duc044:9090/plugins/presence/status?jid=admin@mweb-gbd3duc044). he re mweb-gbd3duc044 is my system name binded to but i want to access from anywhere. please help with breif description, wat i have to do and i where i have to change the code. please help



You have to put the code within a img-tag, like

yes. i am doing that only. and i am getting image in my local system. but whe i am deploying in production the image is coming in peoduction local box only it is not coming out side the production box

Maybe you have some rewrites going on? Are you using apache on your production server?

Or be sure, that you can access :9090 from your webbrowser/network you are in.

Thanks for reply

I am using IIS and my appilcation is with c#. no i can’t access :9090 from network. but access from production box. and i am got succeeded in chating like transfer messages in network also but i am unable to bring image of status. and status is working in production box. and please help how i can rewrite in iis.



Is “http://mweb-gbd3duc044:9090/” really bound to or can you access it from anywhere in your local network?

If this is the case you need something like a proxy in your IIS. With C# this should be easy to write, but it may be better to use the presence service as a web service to query text messages and deliver your own images.