How to use red5 sparkweb w/audio and video


i downloaded red plugins and upload on the openfire then i see it to appear the red5 under server of openfire

my httpd bind was enabled but when i try to browse using this address


giving me an error like this




Powered by Jetty://

any guidelines.

thanks and regards to all

merry xmas

stop and restart openfire

yes thanks dele…

One thing i noticed is that if i type this address to my browser address it will give me an error:




Powered by Jetty://

since i restarted the openfire theres another issues comes out. before that,

to access my red5 using this address i just put red5 after the “/” then it shows me like a configuration

then if i type this or select this on the configuration

the new themes of sparkweb was shows to me the background it looks like a wallpaper of macintosh.

thanks dele now my red5 is running but i have to explore it and config some requirements

here is my second issue:

since i restarted the server having a openfire program

when i try to browse the address of openfire


I noticed is that i think I return it again to the instalaltion procedure.

please anyone know this problem.

thanks and regards to all

Merry Xmas

If your server is on linux try chmod 777 on the sparkweb folder and check openfire/conf/openfire.xml for you database connection is right

Yes Iam using Linux Fedora,

actually when i set the permission 777 the sparkweb still nothing happened.

the location for my sparkweb is:


when i browse it again still same error but if i put red5/ its works fine.

thanks and regars

Merry Xmas

yes you must http://yourdomain.or.IP:7070/red5/sparkweb/index.html for sparkweb mine is so I did a domain forward like forward to and then mask it just to make it simple to access would now be

as for if things dont work right after restarting your computer like admin and other database problems stop and the start openfire without restarting your computer on linux sometimes the openfire starts before your database server then openfire wont work right as it started before the database server I hope this helps

Thanks a lot for your time bruce…

hey bruce do you have idea how to customize the login session of webchat what i mean is

how can i remove the logo of spakweb in the login session…i think its swf i downloaded a software “sothink SWF Decompiler”

but its difficult for me to modify…

thanks and regards

Merry Xmas

if you mean the login page the new sparkweb has no logo here this is red5 v 1.0.4 for openfire 3.6.2 you can see mine at here username demo password demo

and here I have rapped the sparkweb right into my website here