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How to use this new feature of JEP-133


From the 2.6.1 changelog

    • Added support for basic commands defined in JEP-133: Service Administration.

Who/how can I use this feature?



Disclaimer: I haven’'t tested it yet, but…

You need a client that supports the JEP. I think you will also need to update the section on the wildfire.xml configuration file.

Hey guys,

Any user that is able to log into the admin console should be able to execute the supported ad-hoc commands. I tested them using Exodus though it is not very user-friendly or easy to find out how to execute them.


. Press F11 to open the service discovery.

. Enable the node option and enter http://jabber.org/protocol/commands

. You will then get the available commands (if you are an admin)

. Right click on a command and select the command you want to run

. You will also need to press F12 to open the debug window to see the actual answer from the server.

Other option is to look for a client that supports ad-hoc commands in a more friendly way.


– Gato

Just FYI, for the MacOS X types like me, there’'s a patched build of Psi that has good ad-hoc commands support at:


FYI: Some of the results are missing field-types, so they show up wrong in clients. I’'ve asked on jdev, but I assume that the JEP examples are wrong in excluding the field-types and that they should be sent to the client.

Hey Norman,

Thanks for the bug report. I fixed the command that returns the list of connected users (i.e. users JIDs) to have a field type. However, the commands that are returning just a number (e.g. # of connected users) do not include a field type and based on JEP-4: Data Forms that is acceptable. JEP-4 says that when no field type is specified then “text-single” should be assumed.

This week more commands are going to be added to Wildfire. Those new commands will be available in the nighlty build version. Let me know if you are looking for any specific command so we may add it to the list of commands to implement for Wildfire 2.6.2.


– Gato

Yep, that’‘s cool. It was just the list of connected users, and presence of connected sessions that were missing the field-types. Text-single is the default for the field, so it’'s not required for the other results.

I might be checking out the nightlies, because I’'m looking for the base64 sasl fix too. Anything that looks easy from JEP-0133 would be great.

Some easy ones should be list and number of registered/disabled users (13,14,18,19). btw: I believe that the current list and number of active users should be renamed to online users. Unless the results are accounting for idle.

Btw: The get list and number of connected session should probably have a different namespace, because they’‘re not part of the JEP yet. I think they prehaps should be added, so maybe they’'re okay for now.