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How to user in flutter(dart) client,I wolud like a flutter smack

how to user in flutter(dart) client,I wolud like a flutter smack.
i found the flutter_xmpp is too simple,can’t satisfy ours requirement.

You have posted in Openfire plugins and Gojare space, but talk about Smack. So what exactly do you want?

wroot,thank you for respose so quickly. openfire as IM serveer.I want to create IM appp with flutter(dart),it run multiple platform android and ios.however i have not found the flutter sdk like smack for java(android).

So, it doesn’t seem directly related to Openfire or Smack. I will move it to General category.

ok,thank you! could you tell me how to do flutter connect openfire server.

I’m not a developer and don’t even know what flutter is. Just wanted to make sure you are asking in the right place. I doubt you will get an answer here. These forums are for IgniteRealtime products (Smack, Openfire, etc.). Maybe you will have more chances to get an answer in other places, like Stack Overflow, Reddit, etc.

ok,thankyou, I would like to know whether openfire can receive json by websocket or not?

I think websocket was once a plugin and is now included in the core. Not sure about json though.

I don’t think you can use Smack in combination with flutter.
If strophe is too simple for you, I recommend becoming a contributor and start improving it :wink:

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