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How to view received messages sorted by date


I wonder if there is any way to view received messages from all my contacts, sorted by date. For example, see all messages received in the last hour, from all my contacts. Is it possible?


There is no such option.

Perhaps it would be an option in new revisions…

Thank you wroot

This would be a complex feature. Spark is saving history in a separe xml file per contact. So it would have to keep in memory every last conversation date and then pull the info from all the transcripts files and put it in one view. I also think this can have impact on memory if not coded efficiently and Spark is already memory hungry. And most users won’t need this. So i don’t think this is a must have feature. One can of course make a plugin or add it directly into Spark by modifiyng it and creating his own Spark version (i mean programming).

I thought it would be easy, but I see that it is not.


it may be easy if we have good programmers relating to SPARK