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How to work Asterisk-IM with client like (Pandion, Psi, Gaim)

i have jive_messenger_2_2_0 and Asterisk-IM successful installed.

Asterisk-IM is connected with Asterisk Manager and

Phone Mappings is oky.

The Problem how to see and use this service with the Jive Messenger Clients like

Pandion, Psi, Gaim.

In Psi i see the word phone in the Service Discovery

but wenn i click phone or search come nix.

Thanks for help

Unless the client has built in specific support for the phone protocol extensions, the only thing you’'ll likely see is the presence change when someone is on the phone. Be sure to contact the author of your favorite client and encourage them to add specific support for the other features.



Any chance we could get a list of a few clients that DO support this phone protocol?

Thanks in advance.

Unfortunately, the protocol is still so new (2 weeks) that no public clients support it yet. As clients do add support, we’'ll keep the list of clients up to date on the clients page.



Is this still the case?

Would love to see it in GAIM and in Fire (OSX). Would be great if the plugin could be figured to send at least some text information as an IM to the user if a call comes in with the appropriate details. And that this feature could be toggled off if a proper client is being used.

Is this still the case?

url=http://trillian.cc/Trillian[/url] is the first third party client to implement Asterisk-IM functionality. Keep an eye on the url=http://www.jivesoftware.org/asterisk-im/clients.jspAsterisk-IM client page[/url] - it’'ll be updated when new clients implement the plugin.

I posted here for whatever it is worth: