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How to write a script to post to a wildfire 2.4 chat room?

I’'m trying to write a script to post to an MUC chat room; the script will report on some server statistics.

Anyhow, I’'m having trouble because it seems that wildfire requires TLS.

I’'m using the Perl Net::XMPP stuff on linux.

What open-source perl or python libraries are good for this?


The issue isn’‘t with TLS. It’‘s that SASL auth was somewhat broken in 2.4.x. A fix went into 2.5 but I haven’‘t tested it yet. I do know that the following will work: comment out line 1772 of Net::XMPP::Protocol.pm. That will disable SASL auth in Net::XMPP and cause it to fall back to old style auth. Once you’'ve got that working writing a MUC client with Net::XMPP is pretty simple.

For now use AuthIQAuth() instead of AuthSend(), this is exactly what commenting out line 1772 of Net::XMPP::Protocol.pm results in but is cleaner. Hopefully someone will notice when AuthSend() works again and will note it in here…

There is another thread on SASL here: