How we get to know if a user enters in chat group in openfire

I want to get the names of all chat rooms in which chat is going on fom the server end. Please reply soon.

Basically i want to know the active chat rooms name(in which chat is going on) whenever i am using openfire chat app. Is there any api or something?

Openfire does not provide this information out of the box. I suggest that you experiment with writing a plugin that implements a PacketInterceptor. By listening to messages that are addressed to chat rooms (roomnaam@conference.yourdomain/nickname) you can determine quite easily which rooms are active. You’ll have to do some accounting yourself, but it should be doable.

On a side-note: your “please reply soon” is not helpful, and can be quite counterproductive. This community is made up of volunteers, putting in time and effort with nothing in return, other than the enjoyment of helping build this community and the software that it produces. Insisting on fast responses implies that you feel entitled to more/better/faster answers than anyone else, which frankly comes across as quite disrespectful.

Sorry for that Guus it was not intentional.