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Howto install Tinder



I have openfire run on RedHat 5.4 x86_64. I just download Tinder 1.21, but have no idea how to install it. I copied to /usr/lib64/openfire/plugins/, but I don’t think it’s right. Can anyone help, please?



Tinder is not an end product in itself. It’s a library that can be used to build XMPP related functionality (Openfire itself, for example, uses Tinder and includes a copy).

I’m not sure what you are trying to do: do you want to run Openfire? If so, there’s no need for you to “install” Tinder. Are you trying to create a plugin for Openfire? Ifso, you can make use of the Tinder API without including Tinder explicitly (as it is included in Openfire). If you want to develop a stand-alone application that uses Tinder, the easiest way to include it is to add Tinder as a Maven artifact in your new project. Adding the Tinder library jar in your classpath will work too, of course.


Dear Guus,

You write that Tinder is included in OpenFire. I’m in the process of developing an openfire plugin as a component and I read on (I think one of your posts) that it is better to make use of the AbstractComponent than Component. But I can’t seem to find AbstractComponent in openfire 3.6.4. Could you point me in the right direction?

Regards, Sam


Hello Sam,

Tinder (and therefor AbstractComponent) was created after the 3.6.4 release. As a result, it’s not part of that release. It is included in the 3.7.0 beta, and will, of course, be included in the 3.7.0 release.


Any simple example writing component with Tinder? I am getting started and not sure how to.

Saw couple of Whack examples on oneminutedistraction, but not sure can I use just Tinder to create a component.