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Hsql to mysql avatar migration

Hi there,

I am migrating 350 users from openfire 4.0 with the embedded hsql database to 4.2 on a mariadb database. I used the user export import plugin which did a nice job. I had to script the the groups and group membership but that was quick and easy with the rest api plugin…

I am now faced with getting the avatars out of the old database and into the new one. Once this is done I should be practically done with the migration and… hopefully nobody will notice a difference.

Does anyone know how I might be able to get the avatar files out of the embedded database along with their associated username, so that I can insert it into the new one? Are the files kept outside of the database with only pointers inside? Looks like the table ofVCard may have the files encoded… but I don’t want to waste too much time trying to save some jpegs.


The avatars I was talking about are not stored in openfire at all, this is why I couldn’t find them. Spark, the client-side xmpp application keeps the avatars. I do believe the vCard images are stored in the database though I don’t care enough to take a look at this, we only had like 5 people with vCard info.