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HTML support

If spark can support HTML to present content, it is very good. Let’'s said, I can sent hyperlink or image directly to another user.

The best is spark can receive a message with HTML code and presenting in message broad. e.g. I can custom a program using smack; and sent a HTML message to other user. User’'s spark can presenting the received HTML message and show as browser result.

Hi highlander,

This would be a very cool plugin a member of the community could write with the upcoming 1.1 release and “Developing Sparkplugs Guide”. Anyone interested?


I could take a shot at it. Just so I understand the requirements correctly, if I were to send someone a snippet of html such as:


I’'m sending this to you via this great client called Spark .


It would be displayed as:

Hey![/b] I’'m sending this to you via this great client called url=http://www.jivesoftware.org/spark/Spark[/url].



may I ask which options Spark supports? italic[/i] bold[/b] underline[/u] using i,b and u are already available, but the parser has problems if no space is before the opening bracket. And using unknown [] sequences like “[font color=red]dd[/font]” or “[font ]dd[/font]” with a space inside causes the parser to display nothing or only a part of the message.

Before someone tries to parse <> tags maybe one can fix the problem with [] tags

Spark already parses http:// links, so sending links is possible without using HTML.

Sending images as links which Spark will fetch is one of the best ways to get the IP addresses of other clients …