Http-bind 404 not found or 404 invalid session id

  1. Hello I am trying to setup an openfire environment for nearly a week now.
  2. I am using Strophe js and conversejs as front end and openfire for xmpp.
  3. I authenticate a user in my server and send the sid,rid and jid down to the js and bind them from there
  4. in conversejs - prebind is set true in the initialization
  5. in Strophejs - connection.attach is called with rid,jid and sid and a callback method.
  6. All these are as per documentation, the session also get attached successfully with a status code 8(Attach).
  7. When i try send a message it gets the following error in the chrome debug.
  8. Request URL:http://sidhu:7070/http-bind/
  9. Request Method:POST
  10. Status Code:404 Not Found
  11. Request Payload:
  12. The same error shows up even if i try send a presence stanza.