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Http-bind - Disconnected unexpectedly

Hi, is anyone else experiencing this problem?

I am using a late build of Wildfire and having a problem where clients are getting disconnected from their http-binded session. This is sometimes happening every 5 minutes or so, sometimes after a few hours, but not with all logins, and certainly isn’'t consistant .

In the Warn log the error looks like:

2007.03.05 10:43:19 Client provided invalid session: 58db536.

In the response XML the error returns a 404 page with Invalid SID.

I have checked the SID being sent and it hasn’'t changed since the previous requests.

I am using the JSJAC library but don’'t think that is the problem but will look into it further trying some other clients.

It looks like Jabber is logging out the user unexpectedly but I can’'t work out why? Any ideas would be appreciated.



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What is the interval between your requests? Could you be logging on with the same user using the same resource?



Managed to solve this problem.

The wildfire timeout by default is 30 seconds (but the inline docs in the source code says it is in minutes - which I thought it was - but it is actually seconds - as there is no division by 60 in the source code).

So the timeout was set to the same as the idle which caused the session to close.

I have set the idle to 120 (2 minutes) and the timeout to 60 (1 minute) and it’'s ok now.

Having other issues with proxies/caching on the http xml requests in IE but that is another story