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HTTP Binding for dummies


I’‘m pretty new in this topic, thus some support would be very appreciated. I’‘ve tried to read through older posts, but I couldn’'t find anything that could help much.

How does one set up the HTTP Binding and the connection between Wil…ehm… Openfire and Spark ?

  • is Openfire listening on 8080 by default ?

  • how should I configure Spark in order to let him connect through HTTP ?

  • what port[s] should let open in order to establish a connection among them ?

{not really on topic: how can I check if a port is not blocked, eg: by a network firewall ? }

10^10 thanks to you all who will contribute in raising my knowledge {pretty easy task, indeed }



Spark is currently not configured to connect to Openfire using http-binding. It is intended to be used with a dedicated web client, either SparkWeb or JWChat.



How can I configure the JWChat for work in Openfire HTTP Binding?