HTTP File Upload Plugin 1.1.3 return 502

I am new to the open fire.
Currently, I have installed Openfire version 4.6.2,
After that, I Install the HTTP File Upload plugin version 1.1.3.

when I tried to upload any document from an Android or IOS device it throws the 502 error.
API for PUT file: “https://[hostname]/httpfileupload/058e7b0b-6df8-4d0b-b52d-16b32ca1be28/20230829_120307_Screenshot_2023-08-23-12-54-05-466_com.facebook.katana.jpg”

That API Always throw 502 and HTTP Binding page: “https://[hostname]/http-bind.jsp” also throws 502.
can you please help on that.

Openfire tries to determine the address/URL on which it can be reached by clients. This might not be the correct address. You can modify the address that the plugin ‘announces’ to clients, by setting sytem properties. This is documented in the section called " Announced web endpoint" onin the readme of the plugin, shown at Ignite Realtime: Openfire Plugins

There are two things that strike me as odd in the data that you show:

  • there does not appear to be a port in the URL. By default, that will be part of the URL.
  • The CloudFlare bad gateway page is not something that you’d typically see with Openfire (unless some kind of proxying is in place).

@guus Thanks for your quick reply!!!

As per I checked, the hostname is correct.
I have not set any “Announced web endpoint” properties in the system properties. I have only set only below properties.

The port number is coming in the URL automatically like (hostname:7443).