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HTTP_FileUpload XEP-363

Hallo zusammen,

ich weiß, dass diese Frage bereits gestellt wurde, nur leider gab es bis dato noch keine Antwort darauf.

Ich wollte mich erkundigen, ob ein XEP-363 Modul oder Plugin für Openfire in Planung ist, oder vielleicht sogar verfügbar ist?

Vielen Dank vorab…

Hi everyone,

i know, this question is written sometimes before mine but there is no answer for now.

So i would like to know when there will be a module or plugin for XEP-363 support in Openfire.

Perhapst there is somebody out there to tell us the actual status.


I have filed a ticket for this [OF-1375] Add support for XEP-0363: HTTP File Upload - IgniteRealtime JIRA

This is an open source community with a few volunteers. It very often can’t be said whether something will be added, not just when. If you really depend on this XEP, i suggest using ejabberd or prosody.

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Thank you wroot. …

I will have a look at this.